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8th International Conference on
Education (EDU 2023)

July 15-16, 2023, Virtual Conference

Accepted Papers
Improving User’s Experience With Online Learning Using Analytical Compositions Between Instructors & Students

Eng. Hamad Al-Buainain1 & Dr.Pilsung Choe2, 1Master’s of Science in Engineering Management, College of Engineering, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar, 2Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USAHCI and UX, Human-Centered Design, Human Decisions and Human Factors, Qatar University, Doha, Qatar


The growing new market for online learning has been marked by increased technology development in virtual reality and influenced by emotional intelligence. The growing interest in new technology research and implementation has further been exacerbated by the development of new challenges that force educational institutions to close globally. Online-learning has proven its success throughout the past years on many different aspects and situations. However, as applies to Qatar, there is a paucity of studies that have examined the user experience with online learning between instructor and students. So, this paper aims to focus improving user experience with online learning using analytical comparisons between instructor and students. In the light of limited studies on the topic, there was a need to undertake this review and explore the topic in efforts to create new insights on user experience with online learning in Qatar, while exploring their process efficiency. As such, this study adds to the extant literature updated information on online-learning in Qatar while informing future academic and practitioner discourse on the topic that has received limited scholarly interest within Qatar in the last decade, despite the growing demand for online-learning in the global market.


Online Learning, satisfaction rate, human factors, and cost optimization.

Note Taking in Vr: the Forearm Keyboard

B. Davis, T. Hughes-Roberts, and C. Windmill, School of Computing and Engineering, University of Derby, Derby, United Kingdom


This work presents and evaluates a forearm keyboard that allows users to enter textual data using a natural full-handed typing mechanism for virtual reality head-mounted display environments. Should the issues noted with the keyboard during the study be solved, the keyboard would compare favourably with others seen in the literature.


Virtual reality, head-mounted display, text entry, note taking.

Investigating ‘engineer of 2020’ Attributes for 2030 and Beyond: Moving From Engagement & Learning to Sense of Belonging

Terrell L. Strayhorn, Department of Educational Administration & Foundations, Illinois State University, Normal, IL; Department of Psychology, Virginia Union University, Richmond, VA, USA


Using data from the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and responses from a locally-constructed survey administered at a 4-year, public research university, this study seeks to explore the presence and relevance of NAE’s ‘Engineer of 2020’ competencies and student learning outcomes (SLOs) among samples of undergraduate engineering majors (UEMs). Data will be analysed using a battery of statistical tests assessing UEMs achievement of NAE SLOs, the extent to which SLO achievement in NAE domains influence UEMs’ key outcomes (e.g., grades, satisfaction) and sense of belonging. Follow-up tests will explore meaningful differences among groups by race, gender, disability status, to name a few. Implications for engineering education policy, practice, pedagogy and future research will be highlighted.


STEM, engineering education, sense of belonging, engagement, learning.